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Flickr is a wonderful technology. It’s a wonderful example of how technology can enable social interactions that wouldn’t otherwise occur. It also seems to spur, or at least allow us to see, personal talents that would not otherwise be seen or exercised. One thing that’s at once delightful and disconcerting as you browse the photos is […]

First Snow

First Snow

It’s snowed here in Denver. A foot fell in the mountains. I guess it’s time to plan for skiing! This time of year is always too short, no matter where you live I think. The next time it snows the color will be gone and the trees will be bare. It will feel colder even […]

Hot and Cold Running Kitty Originally uploaded by Lou Springer. It’s odd to me that this is the most popular photo on my flickr site. It was taken in haste. It was dumb luck catching it there. It can’t be repeated and its many compositional flaws fixed; the cat doesn’t fit there anymore. I didn’t do much […]