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Zed Shaw is ranting about Rails. The effects are palpable. People are talking about the post. I’ve seen no less than a dozen tweets on Twitter in the last hour or so, and it has been by far the vast majority of the tweets about Rails. The post is clearly consistent with a theme of healthy […]

Oracle World w00t!

I’m going to Oracle Open World this year. This will be the first time for me. I will be in the Sun booth a bit to pay my dues, but also taking some training. I’m a long time Oracle user, my first experience was with Oracle 5, then Oracle 6 on a VAX Cluster. Those […]

I Vote for Java6 on Leopard!

13949712720901ForOSX ‘Nuff said!

13949712720901ForOSX, java, java6, leopard, osx

Web 2.0 For Everyone!

I agree with Hugh that Web 2.0 is for everyone, although blogging may not be. Frankly, I really need it to be, since these tools are becoming the primary mechanisms for social interactions in my daily workday world. I think we face the same kinds of barriers our great-grandparents did when the telephone was introduced […]

Following up on the post today regarding anonymity and yesterday’s post regarding integration issues in Web 2.0, I stumbled across an entry titled “Social Networking 3.0” on Henry Story’s Blog, The Sun Bablefish Blog, regarding the silos the various Web 2.0 applications and services are forming. Henry’s area of interest is focused on identity issues, […]

I’ve encountered several items today prompting me to blog on what must be a worn topic.

James Governor’s links today include a reference to Microsoft’s Terms of Use, “Just because a work is easily available on the internet or elsewhere does not mean you may use the work freely. Look for terms of use, such as […]

A discussion I just had with David Levy got me thinking about how various social networking channels are working and not working for me and others. It seems like various social networking channels are finding their place, based on capabilities, usage, integration and push versus pull issues. Twitter is somewhat filling the social void felt by […]