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Oracle Mixing JRuby

Oracle Mix may be the first production deployment of JRuby, and is certainly the first deployment of JRuby in an Oracle Application Server. I got a chance to meet and talk with Rich Manalang and Jake Kuramoto who have been working on getting the site up. It took a mere two weeks to put the site together and they are quite pleased with the performance they are getting from the humble 2 proc machine they are using.

In true Web 2.0 fashion, befitting Rails users, we hooked up at Oracle Open World via twitter. Jake tweeted his location, a conveniently located watering hole with free wireless Internet.

A lot of our discussion was around bridging the best of Java an Ruby technologies, lowering barriers to developing and deploying web applications, and what role Ruby on Rails may have in Enterprise deployments.

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  1. […] I stumbled across more detail from Rich Manalang regarding the Oracle Mix deployment on JRuby and the Oracle Application Server. I orginally wrote a post about this after meeting Rich and Jake at Oracle World last week. […]

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