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Zooomr Help Zooms In

A month or so ago I stumbled across a sad blog post by Jason Hoffman at Joyent. It described the utter apathy Joyent ran into trying to purchase some Sun kit about a year and a half ago. I know things have changed in our relationship; Sun shared a booth with Joyent at the recent Rails conference in Seattle. I also had the great pleasure of meeting Jason at the Rails conference, as well as several other members of the bright and friendly Joyent crew.

Joyent is a huge Solaris proponent and has staked their business on it. Thier flagship products leverage the best capabilities of Solaris 11 (!? yes, they are on build 62 of Nevada OpenSolaris, last I heard): zones, zsf, dtrace, Solaris Resource Manager, etc. But Sun initially made it WAY too hard for them, and I want to add my apology to the long list I’m quite sure they already have.

There is now compelling evidence that this episode won’t be repeated. Nobody’s sleeping at the wheel anymore. I read this morning with great pleasure a series of blog posts regarding a stupendous service crash at a startup called Zooomr, where Sun has been able to provide them with gear, and I hope additional assistance, to get their service up as quickly as possible, “Zoho (and Sun Microsystems) saves the day for Zooomr” . (I guess its a Thumper: 42 TB of storage? Should be 24 TB usable, I think.)

This also, on a meta-level and in real time, shows how rapidly things on the Internet are accelerating things in the real world. The initial blog posts describing the toasted database service surfaced at 3AM on the 29th. A blog post at around 9 PM last night reported a server was on the way. I believe their site will be back up soon. And here I am, on the morning of the 31st blogging about it.

No matter how this story goes from here, the whole episode shows what has got to be the best side of the whole Web 2.0 social networking phenomena.

I think I’ll send Zooomr a few bucks. I hadn’t read about their service before, but is sounds really compelling and disruptive, and I can’t wait to see it running.

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